Let's catch up at IAJGS
From: Eli Rabinowitz (elirabiinet.net.au)
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 05:33:52 -0700 (PDT)
Hi from Perth, Australia.

I start my long 24 hour trek early tomorrow from Perth to Seattle.

I will be in Seattle until Tuesday evening.

I am giving a presentation at a South African Tea Party this Saturday 
afternoon. This will be of interest to those wanting to connect with their 
This talk is being held within walking distance from the Sheraton. 

For more details, see:


I plan to spend most of Monday and Tuesday meeting up with the many people I 
have communicated with via the 70 JewishGen KehilaLinks I write and manage.

These Jewish websites cover many countries and regions - Lithuania, Latvia, 
Estonia, Poland, Germany, Belarus, South Africa, Australia and China. 

The list is here:    


If you would like to catch up with me to discuss these, your shtetl, heritage 
travel or just to say hello, email me at eli [at] elirab.com. I am likely to be 
near the lobby.

See you soon!

Best regards

Eli Rabinowitz
Perth, Australia
eli [at] elirab.com

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