Re: A million thanks to all of you
From: Adrienne Kuhn (
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 15:51:22 -0700 (PDT)
Yes, I was a first timer as well. I was only able to attend Sunday and Monday 
but in that time gained much valuable information. I was also able to meet up 
with one DNA relative and met another probable distant cousin from the same 
area of Galicia with a common surname.
Thank you for all the work you do! It was an amazing conference. 
Adrienne Kuhn
Olympia, Washington 

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> On Aug 14, 2016, at 11:50 AM, Janette Silverman <jsilverman [at] 
>> wrote:
> A little over two years ago, I agreed to be co-chair of the 2016
> conference and began dreaming of what my team would look like.
> Thankfully my co-chairs, Chuck Weinstein and Phyllis Grossman agreed to
> join the team, and then, after brief discussions, agreed with my choices
> of committee chairs and members.  To my shock all of them agreed. Since
> most of the people we were asking were my friends, I thought for sure
> that I was risking friendships. I think at this point, 48 hours after
> the end of the conference, we are all still friends.
> I want to thank all of those who dreamed with me - the many, many
> volunteers who joined the crew from all over the world; the speakers who
> answered our call for proposals and who were amazing; and the over 1,000
> participants.  This conference was our variation on "if you build it
> they will come," turning into "if you dream it they will come." Thank
> you all for helping our very lofty dreams become a reality.
> Janette Silverman
> Lead Co-Chair, 36th Annual IAJGS Conference
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