Posted to the Facebook page August 13 at 2:54pm but I'd like to share these compliments more widely.
From: Heather Goebel (
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 08:16:31 -0700 (PDT)
The Seattle conference was my first opportunity to attend the IAJGS conference (I had hoped to attend the LA and Las Vegas conferences but didn't get there). The warm collaboration and interactions that I experienced were both delightful and appreciated. The DNA sessions were especially worthwhile, as was the opportunity to interact with some of the experts whose work I had read. The chance to meet and hear additional Jewish DNA experts made the whole trip very worthwhile. Thank you for providing these opportunities for all of us. Thank you especially to Ruth Kurtz, Janet Billstein Akaha, Jeffrey Mark Paull, Jeffrey Briskim, Todd Knowles, Adam Brown and Lara Diamond for guidance in my efforts to assist my friend with an unknown father. For those on the West Coast and interested in DNA please note CeCe Moore's upcoming Oct 22-23rd 2016 San Diego International Genetic Genealogy Conference Institute for Genetic Genealogy which will fill up quickly. Thank you IAJGS chairs/committee/volunteers/bloggers and participants for a great experience. (you have all likely seen this but just in case, (going) The Extra Yad: IAJGS 2016 Conference Blogger Compendium

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